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Who We Are

Education of Hope Africa is a youth-led non-profit organisation based in the community of Kagiso in Mogale City, Krugersdorp in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Education of Hope Africa was founded in 2017 in order to tackle the high rate of HIV, AIDS and TB within the communities, schools, churches, workplace and to early childhood care givers by developing their capacity and resilience to effectively address socio-economic and health issues in the context of high HIV and AIDS burden with the ultimate vision of creating an HIV free generation.

EOHA envisions a world where the creative energy and courage of young people with the knowledge and expertise of academia and professionals shall build a unique capacity that will help the youth and adolescent girls to reach across false boundaries of nationality, race and economic status to affirm our common humanity and work towards a shared vision.

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What We Do

  • Affecting the destiny of the Children, Adolescent girls/ young Women and youth of South Africa
  • Affecting positive change in the lives of young people in every community
  • To fight HIV/AIDS among the youth using multi dynamic approach of information, engagement and practical skills that will help in prevention
  • To alleviate poverty through job creation for the youth and enhance education for children and youth
  • To engage a racially and socially economically diverse student constituency about issues of human rights and global poverty and inequality
  • To help young people and students through training and educational programs to connect global issues of social and economic injustice with local issues
  • To reach an entire generation of children and youth with a message of hope for today
  • To impact communities with a message of hope and responsibility when facing real threats and dangers such as abuse, HIV and Aids, drugs and crime
  • Impacting children and youth in local communities by networking and creating opportunities for individuals and different groups to be involved in community outreach projects
  • Researching and implementing different projects and methods of reaching the children and youth in the communities
  • Creating a network of individuals, companies and groups to help impact the children and youth in every community

Updates and News

Proper hand hygiene is one of the simplest and least expensive means of preventing and controlling the spread of germs. In times of disease outbreaks such as now, when the world responds to the COVID19, clean hands can save lives. COVID-19 is real! ...

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In South Africa, new HIV infections in women aged 15-24 are nearly four times greater than men of the same age, with 850 young women becoming infected with HIV every week. @SAJBD @UNAIDS_ZAF @Yplus_Global @ViiVHC @SolidarityRSA @gpgSocDev @PMmbidi @forgoodSA @USAID_SAfrica

Being a not for profit org. we will issue a tax certificate (Art 18a) for all donations received that will make those donations tax deductible for the org. or individual. All discounts given to @EducationofHop1 will be regarded as a donation&we will upon request issue a tax cert.


Community-Based organisations are ideally positioned to provide prevention, care and support services to least served communities and mitigate the effects of the epidemic in South Africa and beyond.

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