OurSports programme is an innovation adolescent health programme that educates, inspires and mobilise At-Risk young people to overcome their greatest health challenges and live healthier, more productive lives. EOHA use the power of soccer and netball to connect young people with the information and health services they need to thrive, and empowers adolescents to make informed choices about pressing health challenges such as HIV and AIDS, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and gender-based programmes.

Education of Hope Africa believes that with access to knowledge, rights and power, communities can drive change, reduce the impact of HIV and accelerate better health for all. The more we invest in the communities, the closer we get to ending AIDS. If the world is to get on track to end AIDS by 2030, there must be adequate and predictable financing. But the gap between resources, needs and resource availability is widening.

Education of Hope Africa believe ending AIDS is possible as we focus on people not the disease, we create road maps for the people and locations being left behind and take a human right-based approach to reaching the people who are most affected by HIV. Community empowerment and ownership results in a greater uptake of HIV services, a reduction in stigma and discrimination and the protection of human rights. Community leadership in the AIDS response helps to ensure that HIV services are relevant to, and reach the people who need them most.

All programmes for Education of Hope Africa objectives are to build citizen capacity to promote gender equality, prevent domestic and sexual violence and reduce the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS. In this way EOHA contributes to the development of societies in which men, women, youth and children can enjoy equitable, healthy and happy relationships that contribute to the development of just and democratic societies.

EOHA is involved in projects in several communities with the aim of assisting to have orphans registered for grants, school placement, providing food & groceries, stationary, school uniform, assisting with the sanitary pads for adolescent girls and spiritual inputEOHA also helps the orphan children to be placed in schools, place of safety and link them up to university scholarships. The programme objectives are aimed at instilling a sound moral base and support structure to orphan children.