• Affecting the destiny of the Children, Adolescent girls/ young Women and youth of South Africa
  • Affecting positive change in the lives of young people in every community
  • To fight HIV/AIDS among the youth using multi dynamic approach of information, engagement and practical skills that will help in prevention
  • To alleviate poverty through job creation for the youth and enhance education for children and youth
  • To engage a racially and socially economically diverse student constituency about issues of human rights and global poverty and inequality
  • To help young people and students through training and educational programs to connect global issues of social and economic injustice with local issues

Vision        (What we do)

  • To reach an entire generation of children and youth with a message of hope for today
  • To impact communities with a message of hope and responsibility when facing real threats and dangers such as abuse, HIV and Aids, drugs and crime

Mission      (How to)

  • Impacting children and youth in local communities by networking and creating opportunities for individuals and different groups to be involved in community outreach projects.